The Republican Liberty Caucus selects candidates for endorsement to the U.S. Senate and House through a collaborative process involving the relevant state charter and our national board.  Endorsement by the RLC qualifies the candidate to be eligible for receipt of RLC-USA PAC funds.

RLC State Chapters endorse candidates for Governor and state Legislature. Those candidates should contact the RLC State Chair for information about state endorsement procedures.  

Candidates are encouraged to fill out our Candidate Questionnaire and sign our Liberty Compact. Those submissions are reviewed by the board of the State Charter in which they reside. If approved by the State Board, the candidate’s request is forwarded to the RLC National Endorsement Committee. After evaluating the candidate, the Endorsement Committee makes a recommendation to the RLC National board. The RLC National board then votes on endorsement, the candidate is notified and a press release from both National and the relevant State Charter is issued.

Candidates seeking RLC endorsement should do the following:

The RLC National board votes on Endorsement Committee recommendations at its regularly scheduled monthly board meetings. If you are in a special election or have some other extenuating circumstance, please advise the Endorsement Committee when you submit your information.